Hi.  Our names are Ross and Marissa, and we are two nerds (who just happen to kinda love each other) who love to play video games.  Ross is an IT Specialist at a local library, and Marissa is a Programmer/Analyst at a local liberal arts college.  We reside in a teeny house in the armpit of Pennsylvania with a crazy Cockapoo pup and a lazy black cat.  We basically go to work, sleep, eat, and play video games (with some Netflix binges in there too).

Now enough about us, let’s get down to what we’re here for.  On this blog, you’ll initially see mostly PC game reviews (that is our main platform).  However, we hope to add more platforms in the future.  We currently own mostly older systems, but as newer ones come out and we have the funds to pick them up, we’ll definitely be doing that and adding new reviews accordingly.

We’re just poor 20 somethings who just want to share our love of gaming with others.  If you’re reading this, we hope you enjoy what you’ve found here.  Feel free to reach out!