New YouTube channel coming!

I know nobody reads this blog right now, but I feel the need to share anyway.  Ross and I are going to start a YouTube channel pretty soon!  It’ll probably start out being game play from our favorite games (currently Overwatch and Binding of Isaac), as well as reviews/reactions for new games that we’ve never played.

I’ve always wanted to have a YouTube channel of my own but never had the courage to do it alone, so I’m super excited that we are going on this adventure together!

I plan to post videos to YouTube and then write blog posts about them, so that we have both places going at once.  Hopefully that will increase our traffic here as well.  I really don’t care if people read/watch what I post, but it’s always fun to have feedback and I would love to grow a community of online friends through the endeavor!

Stay tuned, nobody!  (Someone will eventually read this and think I’m stupid, but I’m okay with that).

We started a blog?!

I never thought I’d be the blogging type, but alas, I  found something I wanted to blog about – so here I am!  I’ve been inspired by some other gaming review sites and YouTube channels alike, so I decided to take a crack at creating my own video game review blog.  I also wanted someone to share the fun with, so I talked Ross into collaborating with me!  We’re excited to be starting something new.  Stay tuned!