Dangerous Golf: Ridiculous fun

One lazy Sunday, boredom kicked in and I decided to hop on my Humble Bundle account to cruise through the scads of games that I’ve purchased over the last couple of years.  I tend to pick up bundles for one game in particular, and the rest just sit there, collecting digital dust (although, I can’t imagine I’m the only one in this predicament).

I thought to myself, “Dangerous Golf. Hmm. I like golfing, and dangerous things are…fun? Eh, screw it. What else do I have to do today?”.  And so began my unintended relationship with Dangerous Golf.


I haven’t played a ton of it, but what I have has just been pure, unadulterated fun. You start out in one of many different environments (gas stations, rooms with china and other valuables, kitchens, etc.) with your ball on a tee.  You then “tee off” which sends your ball careening with a tail of fire following.  Your aim (haha, I’m bad at puns) is to score as many points as you can by destroying items in the room and putting your ball into the hole after your “SmashBreaker” is over.  A SmashBreaker is earned when you destroy a certain number of items, which is set at the beginning of the hole, and it lets your ball fly around the room at your control.  There are also different challenges to complete on certain holes and sometimes even obstacles that need to be avoided.


What I initially thought was just going to be another stupid destruction game turned out to be surprisingly challenging and exciting.  The game has a great amount of depth and a high replay value.  I can just sit for hours and smash that golf ball into stuff.  I even find myself cheering out loud when I get even a moderately decent score…for some reason it gives me a bit of an adrenaline rush.

I have noticed that this game has mixed reviews on Steam, but I personally can’t imagine why, unless it’s hardware compatibility issues or something of the sort.  If you have some time to kill and can find this game at a discount (I’m not sure I’d buy it for its normal price of $20, but then again I’m kind of a tightwad), I would highly recommend picking it up.

Take a look at Nerd3 playing some Dangerous Golf!

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – Best Indie Game EVER

This is my first video game related review. Well, here goes.

First off, I may be a bit too biased to be writing this, as I’ve already played the game for about 140 hours, but take that as you will.  I am going to try to remain as neutral as I can (apparently, I’m also telling you to ignore the second half of the title).

When I first discovered Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, I remember being incredibly overwhelmed.  Not necessarily in a bad way – there’s just so much content in the game that learning about all of the items, trinkets, and other elements seemed impossible.  While my knowledge of the game has increased dramatically since then, I still have a lot to learn, which is why I think I’m going to be able to stay moderately evenhanded in this review.boir

For those who have never heard and/or played BOI before, it is a “randomly generated RPG shooter with heavy roguelike elements” (description taken from Binding of Isaac: Rebirth wiki, because I couldn’t come up with a better one myself).

Basically, you play as this little guy named Isaac who goes from room to room in his basement shooting bad guys and collecting items and trinkets to hopefully increase your chances (you guessed it – there are items and trinkets that you definitely don’t want!) of beating his mother and escaping the basement.  After finding the item room (marked by a golden doorway – the first level does not require a key, but does every level thereafter, except the last few floors where there is no item room or shop at all), your main goal is to beat the boss at the end of the level and descend into the next level of the basement.  The game gets harder and harder as you go, but you get a chance to collect items that increase your stats (minimum of 2 per level).  So, if you know which items to pick and are blessed with even moderately good items, getting to the end of the game is a cakewalk (okay, I’ll confess: that’s a total lie, unless you become super overpowered).


If you couldn’t tell from the title and the number of hours that I’ve spent playing the game, I absolutely love it.  It is extremely re-playable; there are so many item/trinket/other combinations that you feel like you’re playing with a completely new character every run.  I will admit that it can be frustrating at times (as every great video game should be), but when you finally beat a run, it is super rewarding.  I highly recommend checking the game out – it’s really pretty cheap for what you get.  There are two DLCs that have been released for the game: Afterbirth and Afterbirth+.  Each update adds new characters, items, trinkets, room layouts, etc., and owning both, I think they are well worth the money.

Playing this game is kind of like eating chips (at least for me, but I am a bit of a chip fiend)…you can never play just one run of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

Below is a video of a playthrough of the newest DLC (Afterbirth+) by one of my favorite YouTubers, Bisnap. Enjoy!